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-"Thank you so much for today! Bloody loved it!" Warren Brown

-"Which picture is it?! Is it the B&W pensive one? People do seem to love that shot. You are that good, I'm afraid" Tom Hiddleston

"I am delighted with the photographs, thank you". Penelope Wilton

"What a joy to meet two people so relaxed and at the top of their game.

It was worth the wait. Many thanks for your detailed and inspiring insights. I learned loads" Maria Friedman

"Thank you for the great headshots - they've got me seen by casting directors who had not picked me before.  I've had a lot more castings" Stephen Daltry

-"The photos you did for our students last year were exceptional!" Dierdre McLaughlin, Art's Ed

Let me be clear. I do NOT like having my photo taken! Sorry, re-phrase that. I did not like having my photo taken…until now.

Working with Claire is the exact opposite of all my previous experiences of photography. It’s easy! It’s relaxing! And, I can hardly believe I’m saying this…it’s FUN! She is an absolute joy to work with and I couldn’t have chosen a better person to record my features for posterity.

And the results are brilliant. I am absolutely delighted with them and, once the years require me to update, I shall be knocking on her door again.

My advice, whether you’re looking for a photographer for the first time or are an old hand…call her NOW!

"Claire’s session is more about catering to the individual artist in front of her than squishing you into a fit for purpose frame or setup. There is a talented eye on you, adjusting, coaxing out your most powerful angles, plying words that provoke your most potent thoughts and looks out towards the lens. Claire is there to unleash and celebrate your own individual super powers as an actor!"  Chris Pybus

-"Loving the vibe we created in the studio today you really put me at ease and I felt great working with you both" Gesella Ohaka

"I'm all giddy and thrilled about the pictures you took - I think you are about the best thing since sliced bread" Patrick Flannery

-"Amazing. Thank you so much Claire I'm so happy with them and had a great time working with you" Thomas Adams

-"The black and white are even more gorgeous than the colours!

Thank you so much for a wonderful session.  Please pass my love onto Kate as well! It was a pleasure working with both of you!" Michelle Hopewell

-"Thank you so much. You have been absolutely wonderful throughout this whole process, I really appreciate the help and guidance you have provided me with all along the way." Kerri McGrath

-"Thank you, they're perfect! I just want to say thank you so much helping me and for putting up with my nervousness/ indecisiveness. You really relaxed me during the shoot and I couldn't be happier with what you have done!" George Creighton

-"Thank you very much. So happy. I had an email from BBC yesterday about presenting a day time property show. I think it was the photos!!!" Emma Leicester

-"These pictures are to die for, I can't believe it!" Eleanor Seaton

-"I just wanted to write and say a massive thank you for doing my headshots. I truly think you've done such a remarkable job; I'm over the moon with them." Rupert Lazarus

-"Thanks to you and your amazing head shots I've been cast in another show straight after the one I'm in now finishes and then a short film after that so thank you so very much!!" Fleur Hanby

-"Essentially my problem was a good one. Too many beautiful photos to choose from. Thanks again for all the attention you gave to detail and me as an artist. Your care and professionalism is astounding and much appreciated." Jesse Angelo

-"It was indeed a great pleasure. May I take this opportunity to thank you for your professionalism and special tips for being photographed" (Corin Stuart)

-"Thanks for everything! You’ve made this such a delightful experience." (Michael Klim)

-"I just wanted to say a massive thank you. The headshot session was everything id hoped and wanted it to be. The reason why I chose you is because I loved your style and for me, compared to other headshots there is just something about them and they stand out. I'm just so excited at the fact that through your guidance I was able to achieve a headshot of that calibre” Andrew Walker

-“Thanks again for the amazing job Claire - seriously love your work. “ Haydn Holden

-“ are an angel....omg i love that magic wand of amazing talent you have…” Simon Poland

-“Claire, these are absolutely stunning! Thank you so much for everything” Joseph Derrington

-“I woke excited because of you! How often do you here that! Any headshot I've had before, held no meaning to them. These ones really feel like there is a story behind them, and I feel proud to show them off. Can't believe I'm able to say that! How lucky am I, that god brought you into the world! Hehe! I could cry with happiness right now! Kelli White

Claire's approachability and knowledge about the field made this headshot-session the best experience I've had thus far. When I voiced to Claire how nervous I was for the shoot, she and her very talented make-up artist/partner in crime did all they could to make me feel more at ease. They took all the time in the world and gave me very solid advice on everything - from clothing options to final shot choices. I left with great shots, feeling empowered and confident. Anaïs van der Werff

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