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I have been photographing actors for almost 25 years.


I came to it when already established as an editorial portrait photographer (shooting for publications like Time Magazine in the US), simply because I had lots of friends who were actors and one of them asked me to do a headshot for her.


The more I did, the more I became aware how many of these actors who could deliver arresting performances on stage and film & TV were making do with headshots that communicated absolutely nothing.  

Claire Newman-Williams headshot photographer

A good headshot should be a great portrait - it’s a simple as that.  A portrait that jumps off the page and actively communicates something to the viewer. It should be a collaboration between the sitter and the photographer that allows the personality of the actor to shine. 


Nowadays with everyone carrying a camera in their pocket, we are more used to being photographed than ever before  But often the image that  people want captured of themselves is a very specific, very limited image that reflects the way they feel about themselves. So people tend to show only what they want to be seen. One of the huge challenges for a portrait photographer is to work beyond those limitations and strip away the superficiality of  a self conscious sitters response to the camera in order to find some degree of truth.


And that’s my job; to provide you with an environment where you can relax, have fun and trust me enough to find the magic that makes you who you are so we can capture that on camera.  


What do you end up with? You end up with a headshot that gets you in the room. 

Photography studio

That first headshot seems like yesterday to me,  but 25 years, 2 countries, 3 cities and 6000+ clients later, I still love the challenge of working with each unique individual who walks into the studio.


 And when not photographing people I am also an artist whose work can be seen at Turner Barnes Gallery, The Last Supper Gallery in London and I’m represented by Artemizia Gallery in the US.

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