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How much?


My shoot fee is £250, which includes 2 finished images. 

Additional images are £25 each.

I'll take an unlimited number of pictures, so we'll keep shooting till you've got great headshots that you're happy with. These will then be whittled down to 120 pictures which will be sent to you in contact sheets. From these you can chose 2 final images (the ones included in your session fee) to be retouched and they will then be delivered via email as hi-resolution and low-resolution digital files.  


I keep all the files for several years, so there is no time limit and additional images will always be available long past your shoot.


Where are you?


My bright and spacious studio is very easy to get to from London. Chippenham station is an hour from Paddington station with trains running every half hour. I'll meet you at the station for the short drive to the studio and deliver you back afterwards.


I set session times to fit in with off-peak trains to keep travel as affordable as possible. Return journeys can be as little as £52 if you book in advance. 

If you choose to drive, there is always a parking spot available for you directly outside the studio door.

How long does it take?


A headshot session lasts up to 3 hours. There’s a fine balance between having enough time to relax, prepare and shoot and leaving actors utterly exhausted due to too much time in front of the camera. If you opt to use a make-up artist we will add on an extra half hour so nothing ever feels rushed.


Make-up artist.


If you wish to use a hair and makeup artist, Kate Kelvin is available as long as you let me know at the time of booking. Kate is an award-winning, highly experienced make-up artist, she’s  familiar with my lighting and style of photography and she knows how to make you look your best. She has worked in opera and with the RSC and understands what actors need. Her fee for women is £140 and £115 for men. 


If you choose to book Kate, she will be there for the whole session.

She will create natural-looking, flawless makeup for the women (with emphasis on the eyes) and style hair however you like. She will also facilitate hair up and down to maximise your different looks.You won’t need to think about what you look like because she will be checking you throughout the session.  


And this goes for guys too. Although she probably won't use full foundation on men,  she may need to use minimal cover up and powder to prevent shine. She will style hair, tame brows and give advice on facial hair if you want to shave part way through. She can conceal redness or roughness resulting from shaving.


How do I get an appointment? 


Just email me to book a session or if you have any questions at all.


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