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Back to School!

My holiday in August already feels like a million years ago. The end of summer meant back to work with a vengeance. It's been a busy September with a mix of all sorts of actors. 3 from Australia, lots of 3rd year drama students returning for their final year and the usual selection of working actors at varying stages of their careers.

Lynn Felton, Georgie Sherrington and Hugh Stanley all put in an appearance in the studio...

....and Finn Hayman, Jemima Lyford and Hayden Fletcher just to mention just a few.

So as Summer gradually fades to Autumn, if you're thinking about new headshots why not take a half day trip to beautiful Wiltshire where the trees are just starting to turn orange and the smell of fallen apples hangs in the air. And if that doesn't get you on the train p'raps continuing great rates will. £290 (+ make-up artist for women) for working actors and £250 for students.

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