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Why can't I save money and do my own make-up? 


Simply said, you're probably not trained to do make-up for camera. What works in life doesn't necessarily work on film. Many people underestimate the role a good hair and make-up artist plays in the process of getting headshots done. I have a wonderful makeup artist, Kate Kelvin who is familiar with my lighting and style of photography and she's knows how to make you look your best. She has worked in opera and with the RSC and understands what actors need. As the photographer I have to think about technical issues and what you are doing. The makeup artist provides a vital pair of second eyes at all times during the shoot.


Will the make-up artist help with hair? 


Absolutely. Just let her know what you like and she'll help you get there. She'll also keep an eye on hair as we shoot to make sure nothing changes. If you want to try some with hair up and some with hair down, we're happy to do that.


I'm a bloke. A stylist? Are you kidding? 


No, I'm not kidding. When a casting professional is going through a stack of 200 headshots, there's got to be something about yours that makes them stop and look again. The first question we want them to ask is, "who's this?". The second is, "Can we afford him?". 

This is what Kate will do for you;

  • Style hair, adding in texture and product where necessary and help you if you want to try different looks for more variety in your headshots. 

  • Cover blemishes on the skin, and use a pore refining solution to minimise pores and help make your skin look smoother. This will also give you a more even skin tone. 

  • Give advice on facial hair if you want to shave part way through and Kate can conceal redness or roughness resulting from shaving.

  • Brush out eyebrows and trim if necessary.

  • Iron wardrobe and clip where necessary to create a more flattering silhouette.


Remember, if you want to be successful you have to look successful and a stylist can make a big difference.

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