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Claire Newman-Williams is one of the UK's leading headshot photographers with an extensive body of work photographing actors including Tom Hiddleston, Penelope Wilton, Ben Barnes, Stephen Fry, Joanna Page and Richard Armitage. Having worked in London and across the US - where her portraits appeared in numerous national and international publications including Time Magazine, The Advocate, The Washington Post, and The New York Times - she is now based near Chippenham, working from her studio in the garden of an old cottage. When not photographing actors she is an artist whose work can be seen at Turner Barnes Gallery, The Last Supper Gallery in London and is represented by Artemizia Gallery in the US. Her work is also available at Saatchi Online Gallery.

To view her work, please go to;  



@CNWHeadshots  +44(0)7963 967444

 The Studio | Elfin Cottage | 86 Chittoe | Chippenham | SN15 2EL




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